Webx Technology

HTML & CSS Training

HTML5 is the new buzz word in the web industry. HTML5 has introduced many new features and functionality making web a better place and helping the developer write more flexible and interactive applications. Learn HTML5 from Webx Technology specialist Academy in Chandigarh. Our professional trainers will deliver the training with live practicals and examples.

CSS 3 Training in Chandigarh

Learn CSS3 from professional trainer with many years of web designing and development experience. CSS3 provides the new ways of interaction with HTML. CSS3 will make the work of web designers much more easier and faster. CSS3 introduces Flexible box model, backgrounds, transforms, animations, gradients and other useful features.

Course Details

Technology:Software Knows and working online Project
Project: Minor Project
Class Schedule:2 Hrs Practical Classes (Mon-Fri)

HTML5 Course Modules

CSS3 Course Modules