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Software Testing

Software Testing provides information about the quality of product .It rather checks whether the product meets the requirements that lead to its design and satisfaction of the needs of Stakeholders. Evaluation of an attribute is very important before it is launched into the market. This field needs candidates who have command over the testing techniques. Webx Technology provides a well-defined course curriculum that encompasses all the important tracts and skills that can lead you in this field. The prominent testing techniques such as Black box testing, White box testing, reliability & Security testing and many more are a part of our course content. If you are foreseeing a career in this field then Webx Technology is the best choice. Here we prepare in a way that you become familiar with all the skills required for stepping out in the I.T world. We also provide a standardized industrial exposure which is very helpful in this field.

Course Details

Technology:Software Knows and working online Project
Project: Minor Project
Class Schedule:2 Hrs Practical Classes (Mon-Fri)
Certificates:3 Months Training Certificate By Webx Technology A unit of WEBOUM Technology PVT. LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Course Contents:

  • SQA Basics
  • SDLC Models
  • Practical Software Testing
  • Bug Reporting & Advanced Concepts
  • Understanding Automation and QTP Basics
  • Understanding Actions and Settings
  • Customizing Your Tests
  • Advanced Topics in QTP

Benefits to Students:

After completing this course, the students can enjoy various benefits like: