Web Design Training (6 months)

6 months Web designing Training Course with Latest trends and techniques by Webx Technology. With the help of this training, students can enhance their skills that are needed to design and produce high quality websites. The Web Designing course also provides you with hands-on experience in HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive, Browser Fixes etc. It’s advisable to the students that they should prefer learning web designing from our professional web designers, as we have international certified web services providers rather than going to other Institute or online training. Here are the other details and syllabus.

Course Details:

Technology:HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Browsers
Major Project
Class Schedule:2 Hrs Practical Classes (Mon-Fri)
Certificates: Yes

  • 6 Months Training Certificate By Webx Technology A unit of WEBOUM Technology PVT. LTD. An ISO 9001 Certified Company
  • 100% Placement Assistance*

Course Modules:

Industrial Training in Web Designing is a modular 6 Months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs per day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. We take regular weekly test for student to enhance them better way. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Web Designing comprises:

Web Technologies
  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
  • How the Website Works?
  • Client and Server Scripting Languages
  • Domains and Hosting
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites)
  • Web Standards and W3C recommendations
Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction of Stock Photography
  • Types of Image Graphics
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Interface Tour of Photoshop
  • Color Modes
  • Resolution and Presets
  • Move Tool
  • Marquee Tool
  • Lasso Tool
  • Quick Selection, Magic Wand
  • Crop, Slicing Tool
  • Healing Brush, Patch Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • History Brush
  • Eraser Tool
  • Pattern Stamp, Clone Stamp
  • Gradient Tool
  • Blur and Exposure Tool
  • Pen Tool, Shape Tool
  • Text Tool
  • Other Photoshop Tools
  • Layers, Groups and Smart Object
  • Blending Options
  • Filter Effects
  • Client requirement Analysis
  • Real time Website Layout Design
  • Responsive Design with Grids
  • Practical Task in Layout Design
  • What is Markup Language
  • Basic Structure of HTML
  • Difference Between HTML5 and HTML4, XHTML
  • Head Section and Elements of Head Section
  • Meta Tags
  • CSS Tags
  • Script Tag
  • Table Tag
  • Div Tag
  • Header Tags
  • Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
  • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
  • Image Tag
  • Object Tag
  • Iframe Tag
  • Forms
  • Form Tag
  • Attributes of Form
  • POST and GET Method
  • Fieldset and Legend
  • Text input, Text area
  • Checkbox and Radio Button
  • Dropdown, List and Optgroup
  • File Upload and Hidden Fields
  • Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
  • Creating a Live Website Form
  • HTML5 Validators
  • Header & Footer
  • Section
  • Convas Tags
  • Audio Tags
  • Video Tags
  • Other Latest Techniques
  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • New CSS 3 Selectors
  • Attribute Selectors
  • First-of-type
  • Last-of-type
  • Nth-child
  • Element:empty
  • New CSS3 Properties
  • Custom Fonts
  • Text-Shadow Property
  • Text-Stroke Property
  • Rounded Corners
  • Box  Shadows
  • CSS Gradients
  • CSS Multiple backgrounds
  • Opacity Property
  • Transition effect
  • Transform effect
  • Animation effects
  • CSS Media Queries
  • Using CSS3 in Practical Layout
Responsive Web Design + Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • Mobile first design concepts
  • Common device dimensions
  • View-port tag
  • Using CSS media queries
  • Menu conversion script
  • Basic Custom Layout
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Installation of Bootstrap
  • Grid System
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Icons Integration
  • Using Bootstrap in Practical Layout
Java Script & Jquery
  • Introduction to Client Side Scripting
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Using Java Script in Realtime
  • Validation of Forms
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • jQuery Features
  • Installing jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax
  • jQuery Ready Function
  • jQuery Selectors
  • jQuery Actions
  • jQuery plugins
  • jQuery Validation plugin
  • jQuery Slideshow
  • jQuery Dropdown
  • jQuery UI
  • Working with jQueryUI
  • jQuery Accordions
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Tooltips
  • jQuery Autocomplete
Live Website Design Project
  • Clients Requirement Analysis
  • Planning the Website
  • Creating the HTML/CSS Structure
  • Creating project using Bootstrap
  • Integration of Features using JS and jQuery
  • Project Testing

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